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What is Tax Planning?

To stop the consumption of your earnings by taxes, tax planning is a legitimate way to reduce your tax liabilities for every financial year. It aids you to utilise the tax exemptions, deductions, and take advantage of other benefits offered by the tax authorities. Simply saying, tax planning is the analysis of one’s financial situation from the tax efficiency perspective. It ensures savings on taxes while simultaneously conforming to the legal obligations and requirements of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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Types of Tax Planning?

Purposive Tax Planning

It involves using tax-saver instruments with a specific purpose in mind to obtain optimal benefits.

Long Term Tax Planning

This plan is prepared at the beginning of the financial year & gets followed throughout the year.

Permissive Tax Planning

It involves planning under various provisions of the Indian taxation laws which can be used to benefit you.

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Why Tax Planning?

Minimize Litigation

We minimize litigation by resolving tax disputes with local, federal, state, or foreign tax authorities.

Reduce Tax Liabilities

Reduce your payable tax liabilities by arranging your investments in accordance with tax benefits.

Economic Stability

Effective tax planning creates a healthy inflow of white money resulting in the progress of the economy.

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